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You're writing.

I was exhausted. We can't work without electricity. How much does a kilogram of pineapples cost? He's keen on sports. Same here. "Do you want a T-shirt?" "Yes, I want a red one." Pontus looks demented. Carisa is used to that type of situation.

You cannot be too careful driving a car. I told you so. Grab me one, too. I'm happy the apple I'm eating is green! He won re-election twelve times.

I tried to get Stan to help Julius. Why did you bring a gun? I'll give you money if you need some. Are you more likely to get worse ovulation pains if you have a tipped uterus?

Grace never even said goodbye. Many women work outside their homes these days. Instead, they prefer to stay in and watch television.

Did Paola ask you out? He'll run out of luck sooner or later. He enjoys good health. I bought a bicycle instead.

I think we are much better off than we used to be. I know almost nothing about it. Be quiet and get back in the car. She has many books. Dogs aren't people. First of all, remember that. Do we need to comment? It's dangerous.

I've put money aside in case I run into some unforeseen problem in the future. One of the boys who died was named Johnnie. Could I not respond?

The pressure for tax reform is growing. Mason warned Irfan about John. He is unfit to be a teacher. I was busted to a sergeant. We can help them. When we were younger, there was nothing that we couldn't do. How many people do you need for a rugby game?

We were all a little sleepy. They're refusing to work. I have no idea why Scot isn't here. They had a spat yesterday. Merril was rushed to the emergency room. We pulled together to get out of hardship. I never would've expected something like this to happen.

Today I learned that I have accomplished one of my goals.

Who am I talking with? It's our own fault. Don't you think that the taxes are too heavy in Japan? Until then. But whomsoever the state appoints, him we should obey. Dewey wants to break Reid out of jail. I would like my breakfast in my room at eight o'clock sharp. It can't get any worse. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Fletcher usually eats alone.

Look back and you'll see a black cat.

The teacher took forever to answer this question. We can't do this without you.

My seat is this window seat. He was tired, so he went to bed early. I think this is delicious. You have nice legs. I have an interesting letter here.

You want to hang out or something? Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a bus to catch. Excuse me, would you mind repeating that? Why do you always talk about Tatoeba? I know I've been very lucky. It's a good idea to drink bottled water. The police have called off the search. Matti and Bret danced all evening.